• 2016 Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Annual Symposium
  • 2015-16 High School and Middle School student Data Jam
  • 2016 VT EPSCoR Research on Adaptation to Climate Change trainning week by Janel J. Roberge
  • Data collection by Juan Ponce de Leon High School Students
  • Journey to El Yunque

For nearly 20 years, the US Forest Service and the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras have collaborated on the Schoolyard LTER Program to promote K-12 curriculum development in science and mathematics throughout Puerto Rico. These efforts have improved teacher and student training in environmental sciences and particularly in tropical forest ecology, in addition to increasing student diversity in these disciplines in the United States. During the past two decades schools from four municipalities have been involved in the LUQ Schoolyard LTER program: Barranquitas, Naranjito, Florida and Guánica. Self-motivated teachers from each of these schools, with the assistance of their students, have established long-term plots on public and private lands near their schools to study forest structure and dynamics. In some schools, the outcomes of these investigations have been outstanding, with teachers producing manuscripts published in a peer-reviewed journal (and attending national conferences. To become a volunteer with School Yard LTER please contact Noelia Baez Rodriguez, Educational Coordinator at nbaez@ites.upr.edu

Resources related to K-12 education and the LTER Network

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